Impressions: Lost Sector

logo-lost-sector-articleAuthor: KONSTANTIN FOMIN

Quite a few tactical turn-based strategy games have cropped up over the recent years, but none has matched the brilliance of Jagged Alliance. All attempts to resurrect or recreate the legendary series fell flat.

However, if you look away from the traditional retail market and turn your eye to the world of online game, you will see that there is a demand for this kind of gameplay. Unfortunately, a lot of people who would enjoy playing a strategy game online, are turned off by the stigma of free-to-play. Well, their loss. So why should they try getting into tactical MMO games and which one is the best starting point?
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Blackguards, a new RPG/TBS hybrid from Daedalic, revealed — here is the exclusive Q&A


Hamburg-based studio Daedalic Entertainment, having published several successful adventure games, is making their first foray into the role-playing genre. The 4th project that Daedalic is working on right now, in addition to The Night of the Rabbit, Goodbye Deponia and Memoria, is Blackguards, a RPG/turn-based strategy hybrid.

The story takes place in Aventuria, the world of The Dark Eye table-top RPG series that some of you may know from Realms of Arkania and Drakensang. According to the developers, Blackguards‘ campaign will take roughly 40 hours to beat (including sidequests). Travelling with up to 6 characters, each with a detailed backstory, the players can expect a lot of battles on more than 190 uniquely designed battlegrounds.

Naturally, we wanted to find out more about the game, so we talked to Florian Pett, the producer of Blackguards.
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